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Title of art work: ‘Los Hengeles’ Artist: Ben Moore
Year: 2021

Situated in The Grand Hall and positioned as the exhibition’s communal hub, Ben Moore’s ’Los Hengeles’ is a scaled down astronomically-aligned replica of Stonehenge, one of the UK’s most recognisable heritage sites and brings together a wealth of collaborative creative skillsets incorporating sculpture, lighting, sound and grass.

The ambitious new sculptural installation is part made from plaster of Paris which is the same plaster used in the construction of the Fulham Town Hall and follows on from other Stonehenge inspired artworks by Moore including ‘Phone Henge’ (2019, made of iPhones)

This monument was made entirely on site over two lockdowns (2020/ 2021) specially for ‘Art in the Age of Now’ and continues Art Below’s commitment to presenting engaging works in the public realm.

Moore describes the lockdown period as ‘a time of an everlasting present, when day followed day with no trust to a future, no plans being made, where purpose had been lost, or denied us’ So, this piece, a replica of a monument from deep in England’s past, is about this space and place when time’s arrow points not to a different future but to the same repeated present.

Ben Moore would like to thank the following artists and contributors for their contribution and involvement in the making of ‘Los Hengeles’: Bob Rush, Anne Dal Bello, Schoony, Matt Webb.

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