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For three nights only, the historic courtroom in Fulham Town Hall will play host to live music from some of London’s hottest new and established musicians as part of ‘Music In The Round’: a three part series on Saturday 22nd May, Friday 28th May and Friday 4th June.

Curators Katya D’Janoeff and Alice Southwood will be co-hosting each of the musical evenings. Katya will be performing at the final show on Friday 4th June at which she will be launching her debut single ‘I’ll Take Your number’ which has had exclusive radio plays on both BBC introducing London and BBC Radio 1’s Future Artists show. Tickets are for sale on Eventbrite: Music In The Round @ Fulham Town Hall or head over to @alssts and @ katyatheartist on Instragram for the ticket link.

Arts for art’s sake or should art be ‘relevant’?

Moderated by art critic and art historian, Terence Rodrigues, these two talks will raise questions which are particularly pertinent in a Covid world: Do artists need to respond to the world around them? Should art reflect social, cultural or political issues? What makes contemporary art contemporary? Is graffiti/street are more connected to the ‘real’ world?

Terence Rodrigues, a former lecturer at Oxford University and former director of Christie’s, is an art historian and art critic.

He has written for major newspapers and has been the editor of several art magazines, including The Fine Arts Journal, as welll as lecturing on art, of all periods from Old Masters to contemporary art, in the UK, Europe, the USA and Asia.

As you progress along the walkway outside the Grand Hall you can get a feeling for what the future of Fulham Town Hall, as a luxury, boutique hotel and entertainment hub will look like.

Lamington Group, in partnership with Ziser London are committed to restoring this building to once again be a centre of the community, and this exhibition is the first step on a long term journey to do so. If you’d like to stay up to date, you can follow the journey @Fulhamtownhall, or subscribe to updates at

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