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Partners and Team

Who we work with and other projects

Thanks to following artists who have their work featured in the group show and at different spots around the building: Leila Bartell, Adam Bricusse, Ricardo Cinally, Ariadne Dane, Philip Firsov and Aurelie Freoua, Jack, Annalisa Mandia, Chris Moon, Rory Rae, Jeffrey Robb, Terence Rodrigues, Ben J Smith, Adda Soto, Tobias Ross Southall, Gary Winship, Anne Windsor and Zadok.

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As you progress along the walkway outside the Grand Hall you can get a feeling for what the future of Fulham Town Hall, as a luxury, boutique hotel and entertainment hub will look like.

Lamington Group, in partnership with Ziser London are committed to restoring this building to once again be a centre of the community, and this exhibition is the first step on a long term journey to do so. If you’d like to stay up to date, you can follow the journey @Fulhamtownhall, or subscribe to updates at


Lamington Group

Ziser Group

Art Below

Goldie: production manager

Lisa Baker Ltd

Bladesman Productions

Don Papa Rum

James Dunlop ’the man with the plan’

Guy Zieser

Lammington brothers – Robert & Stuart

Anne Dal Bello

Anne Windsor : (The only ‘go to’ hanger in all of west London)

Joe @mac_pattern : Head of Security

Webbo @local_shop_for_local_artists (techinician and fixer)

Bob Rush and Chelsea @brush_mutoid_waste

Liam @hayhow_art (lighting dude for the whole building)

Archie @bladesman_ (film production)

Rory @roryraephotography (photographer and in house documentary maker)

Paul Don Smith @pauldonsmith (housekeeper of the dungeons)

Mo Sean (Head of random performance and skullduggery)

Barney @birdeyelondon (Best drone pilot in all of London Town)

Nick Player (Best bar man in all the village)

And more…

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